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What to expect from Sethmara

Hours of therapies and massages

Imagine that your aching body or muscles are treated daily for two weeks. It massages them, warms them, gets rid of harmful substances, smears them with healing compresses and oils, and you have the space to let these healing treatments act for as long as necessary. 

Our retreat offers

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Treatments & Massages

Today’s lifestyle filled with stress and strain of this competitive world and new eating habits affects and challenges our health like never before. Our synthetic diet in place of a natural one exposes us to toxins resulting in disorders of metabolism. Ayurveda shows us a healthy way of life.



“Panchakarma” is an ayurvedic treatment methodology which specializes in intensive waste elimination from our body at a cellular level.

“Pancha” “karma” are the five detoxification treatments which are done to remove the accumulated toxins and mucus (Ama) from the body.


   Yoga & Meditation

Yoga aims to attain a union between body, mind and the soul. It is an excellent exercise for the body and mind. Yoga, when practiced correctly, will help us attain better health as well as connect us with our inner self. Yoga is considered as an exercise which helps in healing the body and mind. Meditation is a medicine for the mind. While making us calm, it helps to improve our focus of mind.

Taste of Ayurveda

If you want to enjoy a tropical holiday you can choose our package with taster of Ayurveda.


We offer accommodation, full board of ayurvedic meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), 40 minutes ayurvedic massage per day for each person, interesting trips in the area. Everything depends on our agreement, your needs, plans, schedule, preferences.

For individual inquiries about our packages, please contact us at

Release stress, regenerate and rejurenate your body, cherish your soul.

Health is wealth, peace of mind is hapiness, yoga and meditation show you the way. Learn how to be happy in Sri Lanka.

Sethmara - Seth means hapiness and blessingsto all. So we believe everyone can find a piece of hapiness and blessings in our place.

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