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SETHMARA Ayurveda Resort is a beautiful ayurvedic resort located in southern part of Sri Lanka near Tangalle with beautiful nature around. It is a silent place with spacious garden where you can benefit from authentic Ayurveda, yoga and meditation. You can enjoy peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. It is an ideal place to revitalize your body and mind.

The unspoiled nature of the beach and the sweet water lagoon offers you the possibility to discover the colourful variations of Sri Lanka’s exceptional flora and fauna.

Our resort is situated only few meters from the famous Turtle beach in Rekawa, 20m above sea level and 15 km east of Tangalle. The shore offers on one side a 10km long stretch empty golden, sandy beach and to the other small rocky bays teeming with sea life. Rekawa Lagoon is a few minutes walking distance and is home and shelter of some of the approximately 420 bird species which live on the island.


Sri Lanka, Tangalle


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Beliwinnagoda, Rekawa


District: Hambantota


+421 903 129 808

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+94 (71) 273 0376


Mirka Mahima

+421 903 129 808 (SK, EN)

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+94 (71) 365 2424

Ranga is an exceptionally talented and highly experienced Ayurvedic therapist. His specialty is physiotherapy. Throughout his 14 years of professional career he has treated clients of all ages and health conditions from all around the globe. He has learned to understand the language of the human body with his hands and respond with a suitable therapy. Ranga knows the crème de la crème of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka and would not settle for anything less in SETHMARA.

Mirka Mahima is the best-known pioneer of hormonal yoga therapy in Slovakia and author of the book Hormonálna joga (translates as: Hormonal yoga). She has helped hundreds of women who attended her courses both - to harmonize their hormonal system and improve their overall physical and mental health.


Mirka is the soul of SETHMARA. She is passionate about Ayurveda, yoga and personal growth. 

Ranjuna is an excellent Ayurvedic therapist with 11 years of experience in renowned Ayurvedic resorts across Sri Lanka. His specialty, in addition to Ayurvedic massage and therapy, is Ayurvedic medicine. He has extensive knowledge of natural herbal medicines and their use in therapy. Thanks to many years of professional experience, Ranjuna knows the power of authentic and honest ayurveda and first class customer service very well.

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